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some iCal thoughts

By Ole Saalmann- Sept 2002

iCal is Apple's new calendar app. I tried it out and have some things to share

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How to use iCal and Eudora?

Use my scripts! Well, better use ZappTek's. They come with an installer and are updated.

What about this WebDAV thing?

Read here!

Where are the iCal data files?

They are located in ~/Library/Calendars. No idea why the are not in Documents. The data files are plain text (may be a performance issue). One file for each calendar. The files appear to be in iCalendar format.

How many calendars can I have?

I have duplicated the files until I had 108 different calendars. iCal still started, but only very slowly. This of course is a rather stupid test. I don't know how performance is with subscriptions.

How fast is it?

Just as fast as all those iApps. It's not too slow to be unusable on my PowerBook G4/667, but to call it blazingly fast would seriously endanger your reputation. Someone find that parameter with which Apple tunes their software to make you want to buy new hardware.

Can i import from other programs?

iCal import from Entourage by AppleScript and otherwise through vCal text files (Palm Desktop can export those e.g.). By looking at the vCal format you might be able to reformat your data from other programs. A good knowledge of regular expressions and a good texteditor are recommended.


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